Their Story:

Taco Bandits was just an idea that started many years ago… with Juana Valenzuela. Juana had a passion for serving everyone she knew & hands down had the best cooking! Unfortunately, Juana passed away before achieving her dreams of owning her own taco shop.

Don’t worry… Her story doesn’t end here, her son Carlos & daughter-in-law Lisa also had a passion for cooking, serving the community, & making people smile. They dreamed for years of opening their own food truck… 

Long story short, in May of 2018 Carlos & Lisa with a big dream, a lot of faith in God, a community of “Taco Bandits” rallying behind them, & Juana’s recipes, they started planning for the first Taco Bandits Food Truck.

After a year of planning & a lot of hard work… 

The Taco Bandits food truck will be open to serve you delicious breakfast tacos in JUNE of 2019!




Juana Salsa?