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The Mallow Box was born to create original recipes and make high quality, great-tasting, creative marshmallow products and inspire moments of fun and deliciousness. 


For years I've tried to come up with a business that would be more than a business. Something that would be fun, something I could feel passionate about. And something that would give people moments of happiness and deliciousness.


See... I am a passionate and compassionate person. I love to see people smile, and I love to see happy folks. And I absolutely love to host, to gather my friends, share many laughs and nurture wonderful relationships. On one occasion, my husband's birthday to be more exact, I was hosting some friends and wanted something different, kind of fun. So, I decided to make a bouquet of decorated marshmallows. I dipped the marshmallows in chocolate and added sprinkles and nuts. It was a total success. The cool thing was to see the faces of our friends when they tried the marshmallows. It was priceless! We could see that BIG satisfied and even childish smile followed by a "yuuummmmm..."


Something else that I really like is a challenge, which propels me into a very curious state of mind; it also boosts my energy into high gear in order to "solve the puzzle." So, I began, not very confidently, to make my own marshmallows. I have tried many recipes and it took me a while to get "the one" that really worked.  Then it was even more fun because I absolutely love going to the kitchen and trying to make new flavors. Honestly, I have a blast!


Ok, now talking business. I decided to keep it simple. I am a local business, working from my own kitchen and my products go directly to my surrounding communities. And that's how I want it for now, especially because I am meeting so many nice and interesting people. Through the Mallow Box, I am doing more than business, I am starting friendships. We deliver our Mallows in person, and in this way, we are creating a Mallow-loving-community! :)


Lots of Mallow love, but no MSG, no preservatives. Our recipes are very original and our Malookies (cookie marshmallows) are our specialty. Have you tried them yet? They are TO-DIE-FOR! Or so our customers tell us. And our plain mallows are gluten-free ( the plain ones only.) And all of our Mallows are preservative-free. Find us at

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