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Mother's Day and then some...

So another Mother's Day has come and gone. This was a busy one; getting coffee/mallow baskets together, doing teacher appreciation the week of, honoring our own mothers, and trying to find the time to celebrate as a family. I love celebrations of any kind! I've never been much of a "gift" person, and even less so as I grow older. All I honestly want is quality time with Derek and the kids. Even though our internet was down over the weekend - which threw a wrench in my hopes to watch movies all day together - I got exactly my wish (and even with a quiet bath thrown in).

It's so odd for me to allow myself to be "spoiled" for something which causes me to experience immense joy: the opportunity to be a mother to two incredible, smart, hilarious, ENERGETIC children. But I'll take my pampering anyway :)

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